Marine Bus - Plastic Patrol

At every Plastic Patrol even this summer we’ll be hosting Marine School sessions for children aged 6-12 years.

Each session is 45 minutes and children will be invited to explore our state of the art Marine Lab and take part in our interactive activities highlighting the issue of environment, conservation and, of course, plastic pollution in an engaging and thought-provoking way.

What’s inside the Marine Lab:

The Marine Lab is split into three sections:

Section one: Two round tanks – one containing jellyfish, the other containing plastic bags.

Section two: Interactive fish tanks and pond, for pond dipping activities and exploration. Plasma TV running child-friendly videos of impacts of plastics on the environment.

Section three: The technology section containing iPads, laptops and microscopes so children can relax on beanbags and learn about important issues in a relaxing environment through games and apps. There will be chalkboard walls expressing ideas and children will have the opportunity to provide their own creative input.

Marine School activities:

  1. Jelly fish vs plastic bags challenge.
  2. How easy is it for our marine life to mistake plastic for food?
    Designed to highlight the environmental issues with plastic pollution that we are currently facing.

  3. Explore and learn about local ecosystems with an interactive fish tank, helping developa bond and care for local communities and waterways.
  4. Lots of interactive games and coding apps designed with environment and conservation in mind.
  5. The ‘Make the Change’ chalkboard will enable children to share one change they can make in their home, school or community to be more environmentally-friendly. We’ll be asking the grown-ups to do this too!
  6. Raft building from the plastics collected at each location.
  7. Microscopes to view micro plastic samples – microscopes will be situated throughout the bus with pre-samples so children can explore the ‘micro’ world and just how small the plastics are that are having a HUGE impact on the marine environment.
  8. Developing map skills outside the bus with a match the key symbol to the meaning game.