About - Plastic Patrol


#PlasticPatrol is a nationwide campaign to rid our inland waterways of plastic pollution.

A staggering 80% of marine debris comes from inland sources – including our canals and rivers.

Our mission is to combat the global plastic crisis by stopping the problem at its source – in our waterways.

Plastic pollution is the single biggest environmental catastrophe affecting our planet today. And the worst part, we’re responsible. Plastic is an entirely manmade material so every single piece you see littering the planet is a direct result of our actions.

Plastic not only impacts the health and wellbeing of wildlife and marine species, but research has also shown that it’s also filtering up to the human food chain. The consequence? There are huge implications on our own health.

#PlasticPatrol is about engaging people with the issue of plastic pollution through adventure and nature, helping to safeguard our seas for the future.

About Lizzie

Lizzie Carr, aka Lizzie Outside, is a natural born adventurer. She has dedicated herself to exploring the UK, focusing on paddle boarding adventures whilst using her journey to highlight and educate on wider environmental issues affecting our waterways.

Lizzie’s most recent expedition in May 2016 saw her become the first person in history to paddle board the length of England’s waterways, solo and unsupported.

She completed the 400-mile journey in 22 days, plotting over 200o photos of plastic pollution she encountered and earning her international recognition from both media and the general public for her efforts.